4 Undeniable Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Wants You Back

We all know the pain of going through a breakup is bad.  Just how bad?  Scientists say it’s not that different from going through heroine withdrawals.


Woman Hugging Her Ex BoyfriendSo what does that say about you?  Simply this: the pain you are experiencing right now thinking about losing your ex boyfriend for good is 100% REAL!  And it’s totally understandable.

But let’s try to change that right now.  If you’re in a hurry, go watch this video that shows you a sneaky way to get your ex boyfriend to come crawling back to you, even if he currently acts like he wants nothing to do with you or says he hates you.

If you want to know whether or not your ex boyfriend secretly wants you back, look for these 4 undeniable signs.

1. Your Ex Boyfriend Currently “Hates” You

Hear me out.  It’s actually a really good thing if your ex-boyfriend is telling you he hates you.


Well, as relationship expert Michael Fiore says…

“Hate isn’t the opposite of love, APATHY is.  Love and hate aren’t opposites, they’re more like opposing sides of an extremely passionate coin.”

What does this mean for you?  It means if your ex is telling you he “hates” you, then he’s not being apathetic at all.  Instead, he still feels extremely powerful emotions toward you.  And it’s actually very easy to turn those negative emotions into positive feelings of love and connection by using the strategy you can find at www.michaelfiore.org.

So don’t worry if your ex is currently saying horrible things to you.  That’s a good sign.  If he was truly over you, he would feel nothing at all.

2. Your Ex Says Mean Things About You To The People He Knows

Again, this may seem a little “out there”, but let me explain.  When your ex boyfriend talks bad about you to the people he knows, it indicates three things.  These are:

  • He still cares about you (remember the powerful emotions we talked about in sign #1).
  • He’s trying to win people to his side so he can get sympathy for being the “victim” and so he doesn’t look bad if he made a mistake by dumping you.
  • He’s jealous.  Jealous you could end up with someone better than him, and he’s trying to prevent that from happening by making it sound like no one should want you.

3. Your Ex Boyfriend Starts Dating Again Almost Immediately

Many women mistake this sign to mean, “Oh, he’s already dating someone else.  He must be over me.”  But that’s actually not the case at all.

When your ex boyfriend starts to date someone else immediately following your breakup, it’s usually a sign he’s desperately trying to replace the feelings of security, connection, love, and fulfillment he had with you.  He misses and craves those things, so he’s trying to plug the hole in his heart with the first person who comes along.

It doesn’t mean he’s suddenly found the love of his life and has forgotten all about you.  Instead, he’s trying to escape the pain and hurt he feels not being with you anymore by getting involved with someone else…usually someone who is absolutely nothing like you and definitely not “his type”.

4. Your Ex Boyfriend Doesn’t Make A Clean Break

Does your ex boyfriend continue to find reasons to be in your life, even if you broke up weeks, months, or even years ago?  Does he still have stuff at your place that he’s in no hurry to pick up?  Does he ask you to help him out with things or continually make excuses why he needs to come over or see you for something?  Does he “accidentally” bump into you at the mall, grocery store, your work, or anywhere else you’re likely to go?

If he refuses to make a clean break from your relationship, then it’s a really good sign he’s still emotionally addicted to you.  And that means the door is wide open for getting rid of all the BS and drama, getting him back, and having the loving relationship you’ve always wanted.

Next Step: Go here and learn the psychological “tweaks” that will have him crawling back to you, even if the breakup is all your fault and he currently hates you and never wants to talk to you again.


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Been Dumped? Here’s Your Chance To Do Something About It

Been dumped recently?  Maybe even dumped by that incredible man or woman you thought you’d be with forever: the one you gave everything to, only to have him or her turn around and stomp all over your heart.

I don’t know your situation.  Maybe you deserved it.  But probably not.  What I do know is this…

Couple Forming A Heart With Their FingersRight now, you have a choice.  You can decide to get angry.  You can get mad and seek revenge like a crazed lunatic.  Or, you can choose right here right now to get your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend back into your arms.

It doesn’t matter how nasty the breakup was.  It doesn’t even matter if your ex is dating someone else.  This texting method overcomes all of that.  What matters is your mindset and knowing what it takes to change the game and get your ex back.  And then taking action.

It’s ok to feel down and depressed.  Being dumped by someone you love with all your heart…that you trust in taking care of your heart…is one of the most painful things any of us ever has to deal with.  It’s not easy to recover.  Sometimes, it takes a really long time.  Some people never overcome it.

But I can tell you right now, there ARE ways to get your ex back.  First you need to decide if you truly love your ex and believe the problems in the relationship are things you can resolve and move past.

If they are, then it’s time to start a fresh relationship with your ex.  Don’t try to get your old relationship back.  Obviously that relationship didn’t work.  You don’t want it.

Instead, work on building a new, better relationship from the ground up.  It’s not as difficult as it seems, when you know exactly what to do.

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